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The only clinic on the Central Coast solely dedicated to the treatment of lymphedema, chronic edemas, wound care, and oncology rehabilitation.  Our Clinicians are all specially trained and hold certifications in the treatment of lymphedema, wound care, and oncology rehabilitation.

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Our treatment approach is comprehensive and based on each patient’s stage of lymphatic disorder and specific symptoms
Bandages being wrapped around a leg

Compression Therapy

Specialist applying pressure to the leg

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Compression Garments

Patient with a wrapped leg doing an exercise on her back

Therapeutic Exercise

Happy patient stretching

Oncology Rehabilitation

Physician wrapping a wound on a patients foot.

Wound Care


About Lymphedema

Lymphedema develops when the nodes and/or vessels become damaged and/or overloaded with lymphatic fluid.  When this occurs, the affected part of the body will swell with lymphatic fluid and possibly become painful, disfigured, heavy, and be more prone to infection or decreased ability to heal wounds. 

Oncology Rehabilitation

About Wound Care

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